MgA. Tereza Velíková, Ph.D.
*23. 10. 1979

1996–1999 Secondary Graphic School in Prague

1999–2005 Academy of Applied Arts, Design and Architecture – Conceptual and Intermedia Art (prof. Adéla Matasová, prof. Jiří David)

2006–2011 Academy of Fine Arts in Prague – doctoral studies under professor Vladimir Skrepl and Jiri Kovanda

2005–2019 founding member of ENTRANCE Gallery in Prague (together with T. Severova and B. Zachovalova) |

2014 Finalist of Jindřich Chalupecký Award (CJCH)
Profil CJCH 2014 – video


2003 University of New Mexico, New Mexico, USA

2010 Tranzit residency – Museumsquartier, Vienna, Austria

2011 Watermill Center Residency program, NY, USA

2023 Artport Art Center, Tel Aviv, Israel (postponed)

Solo exhibitions

Jeder liebt mich… / Everybody loves me… – Preproduction Gallery – Kolonie Wedding, Berlin, Germany, 2006

No Comment (under the campaign of Amnesty International – Stop Violence Against Women) – Etc. Gallery, Prague, 2006

No Comment – Nod Window, Prague, CR, 2006

Checkerboard – Kabinet T. Gallery, Zlín, CR, 2009

Dominoes – AAAD Gallery, Prague, CR, 2009

Minus One – Fotograf Studio, Prague, CR, 2010

Notes to the Walk (together with Lenka Vítková) – Jelení Gallery, Prague, CR, 2011

The Walk (together with Lenka Vítková) – Karlín Studios Gallery, Prague, CR, 2011

Dialog – Watermill Center, NY, USA, 2011

I Looked to the Right and There Was Silent – The Brno House of Arts, Brno, CR, 2013

There Was Dark on the Left – 35m2 Gallery, Prague, CR, 2013

Ill-posed Question – House of Art České Budějovice, České Budějovice, CR, 2013

Interlude, IGLOO Gallery – Vysočina Regional Gallery in Jihlava, CR, 2017

Interlude, Fotograf Gallery, Prague, CR, 2017

Play on Three, Galerie výtvarných umění v Chebu, CR, 2018

Off the Point, Gallery 207, UMPRUM Prague, CR, 2019

Play on Heroes, Studio Hrdinů theatre, Prague, CR, 2021/22

Exemplary Deficiencies, Gallery of Modern Art in Hradec Kralove, CR, 2022

Group exhibitions

New Media Cheb, CR, 2000

New Media Cheb, CR, 2001

Germinations 13 – Play and Control, Pori Art Museum, Finland, 2002

Women – Doubner gallery, Prague, CR, 2003

Windows – Sierra Grande Music and Art Exploratorium, Truth or Consequences, NM, U.S.A., 2003

YN – Doubner gallery, Prague, CR, 2003

Kompression – Junge Prager Kunstszene, Berlin, Germany, 2003

Obsession of collecting – Vysočina Gallery in Jihlava, Jihlava, CR, 2003

Black squares – Preproduction Gallery, Berlin, Germany, 2004

BNC connection – Gallery 207, VŠUP, Prague, CR, 2004

Place – Velryba Gallery, Prague, CR, 2004


VIDEOKEMP – Altán Klamovka, Prague, CR, 2005

Eye No. 3 – Galerie mladých, Brno, CR, 2005

Inbetween the Walls – Milevsko, CR, 2005

Sell Me, Buy Me – AVU Gallery, Prague, CR, 2005

Sister & Me – Doubner Gallery, Prague, CR, 2005

Hear the Collections – Pori Art Museum, Pori, Finland, 2005/2006

States of Things – Karlin Studios Gallery, Prague, CR, 2006

Videobus – Multiplace Festival, Prague – Bratislava, CR – SR, 2006

PRAG 06 – Kunstraum Noe, Vienna, Austria, 2006

VIDEOKEMP II – Altán Klamovka, Prague, CR, 2006

“Too much Freedom?” – Freewaves‘ 10th Biennial Festival of Film, Video and Experimental New Media, Los Angeles, USA, 2006

Sell Me Buy Me – Galerie u Dobrého pastýře, Brno, CR, 2006

Chaplin Resident Fighter – Futura, Prague, CR, 2006

Signs – Pori Art Museum, Pori, Finland, 2006/2007

Prague biennale 3 – Karlin Hall, Prague, CR, 2007

VIDEOKEMP III. – Třebešice, CR, 2007


Supermarket of Art IV/2 – (Im)mortal Love – international biennial Warsaw 2007, Warsaw, Poland, 2007

Remarks – Karlín Studios Gallery, Prague, CR, 2007

They Stood and Waited Until He Appeared – NoD Gallery, Prague, CR, 2008

Videokemp IV. – Prague, CR, 2008

It Doesn’t Hurt for Ages – Blansko City Gallery, Blansko, CR, 2008

Girls against Boys – Szara Gallery, Cieszyn, Poland, 2009

It Doesn’t Hurt for Ages – Šternberk Gallery, Šternberk, CR, 2009

It Doesn’t Hurt for Ages – Galerie města Blanska, Blansko, CR, 2009

Multiplace Festival, Checkerboard in Kabinet T. Gallery, Zlín, CR, 2009

Salon of Young Artists – Zlín City Gallery, Zlín, CR, 2009

The Fractal Cauliflower – Reconstruction of The Past / The Truth and The Record of „New Media“, internet exhibition –, 2009

Traces & Records – 8th Funke’s Kolin photography festival, Kolín, CR, 2009

Dienstgebäude – Zürich, Switzerland, 2009

Formats Transformations 89–09 – The Brno House of Arts and House of Lords of Kunstat, Brno, CR, 2009

Formats Transformations 89–09 – Museum auf Abruf – MUSA, Vienna, Austria, 2010

VIDEOKEMP IV. – Gask Fest, Kutná hora, CR, 2010

Without a Tent… – Galerie Etc., Prague, CR, 2010

Reconstruction – Photograph Gallery Louvre, Prague, CR, 2010

VIDEOKEMP VI. – BKC, Brno, CR, 2011

Happiness, Festival 4+4 dny v pohybu – Prague, CR, 2011

Transparent Refraction – tamtamArt Berlin, Berlin, Germany, 2011

The Islands of Resistance. Between the First and Second Modernity 1985–2012 – National Gallery / Veletržní Palace, Prague, CR, 2012

The Beginning of the Century – The Gallery of West Bohemia in Pilsen, Pilsen, CR, 2012

Uninvited Guest – Chodovská tvrz Gallery, Prague, CR, 2012

Maloval hlavolam – NoD Gallery, Prague, CR, 2012/13

The Beginning of the Century – Dům umění – GVU v Ostravě, Ostrava, CR, 2013/14

Intimate interactions – Gallery of Ostrava, Ostrava, CR, 2014

Final of Jindřich Chalupecký Award 2014 – The Veletržní Palace of the National Gallery in Prague, CR, 2014

The Theory of a Hairy Ball, Gallery At the White Unicorn, Klatovy, CR, 2016

Irreversible Shift, The Brno House of Arts, CR, 2016-17

Other Visions, Finalists of PAF Festival, Olomouc, 2018

When Days Lose Names, Fotograf Gallery, Prague, CR, 2020

Festival 4+4 Days in Motion, Erpet Centrum, Prague, CR, 2023

Zlín Salon, House of Art II, Regional Gallery of Fine Art in Zlín, CR, 2023

One Autumn Morning, When the Students, House of the Lords of Kunštát, Brno, CR, 2023

Stone in the Window, SCHULE Gallery, CR, 2023

Permanent collection

Pori Art Museum, Finland, since 2002

GAVU Cheb, CR, since 2018

GMU Hradec Kralove, CR, since 2021


Conference in Budapest – „Bodies, Technologies, Identities: Manufacturing the Self – Some Notes of Contemporary Czech Art by Women“ by Mgr. Martina Pachmanová, Hungary, 2002

Bienale of Young Artists, U Zvonu Gallery, Prague, CR, 2002

Video Festival OKO, Kino OKO, Prague, CR, 2003

Self-presentation, Art Museum, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM, U.S.A., 2003

Presentation of the exhibition „Women“, Rudolfinum, Prague, CR, 2003

Audiovisual – Contemporary Videoart III., Bio Světozor, Prague, CR, 2006

Contemporary Czech Videoart, Kasarne Kulturpark, Košice, SK, 2008

With Women’s Eyes (among the cycle “Mondays with Gender”), Municipal Library in Prague, Prague, CR, a lecture was moderated by Sylva Poláková, 2009

Intermediality – Transformation of the concept and its possibilities and use in contemporary art, Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, CR, 2009

Dialog between Sound and Image, Watermill Center, NY, USA, 2011

VideoART: Tereza Velíková, Studio Béla, Prague, CR, 2014

Café Chalupecký – Michelle Levy: Vertical Retrace, video screening, Ponrepo, Prague, 2016

Adéla Matasová a Tereza Velíková, UMPRUM, Prague, CR, 2019

Self-presentation, CAS FAMU, Prague, CR, 2022

Self-presentation – ACCIDENTAL WISDOM, FAMU, Prague, CR, 2024