Exemplary Deficiencies

Video for the exhibition in Gallery of Modern Art in Hradec Králové, 2022
video-projection, 12 min

Excerpt from the text for the exhibition:

Have you ever suddenly paused and realized that you can’t remember the last two hours, as if time had just disappeared? In the video Exemplary Deficiencies (Příkladné nedostatky) created specifically for the Gallery of Modern Art in Hradec Králové, artist Tereza Velíková focuses on the theme of time loops as it relates to loss of memory. She draws inspiration from her own experience and the experien-ces of people around her. Although the artist is not exploiting a trend or theme which is in vogue, the video she presents proves that the themes she is working with are relevant today. Being overloaded with work (or other things) has become a phenomenon of recent years, as an increasing number of people have been trying to find a way to replace their, often unnecessary, productivity with something more meaningful. Velíková does not offer an answer to this issue – nor does she want to. She only wishes to employ the brevity of visual expression to capture the feelings many of us have faced lately.

Text Silvie Šeborová (curator of the exhibiton)

Script, direction and editing: Tereza Velíková
Camera: Jakub Halousek
Sound: Michal Gábor
Sound postproduction: Stanislav Abrahám
Costumes: Iva Rašková
Color corrections: Oskar Lehar

Played by: Agáta Kryštůfková a Helena Dvořáková

Pictures in the scene:
Bohuslav Maleček – Zátiší, 1966
Jiří Thýn – z cyklu So Sad in These Luxurious Times, 2009
Petr Strouhal – Untitled, 2010

Curator of the exhibition: Silvie Šeborová