Ill-posed Question


House of Arts České Budějovice, 2013 / curated by Jiří Ptáček
2× three-channel HD video-installation with spatial sound, 3× digital print on Dibond

Both triple video-installation deal with the issue of the the conditions of time and language, which determine both our interpersonal understanding and personal existence.

In the first installation, the three actors are trapped in a time-loop, where they either overtake or chase their own voice and thoughts, expressed by the post-produced dissonance of the image and sound.
The second installation shows three looslely connected inter-connected monologues, which may react to each other, but are trapped in misunderstandings and self-obsession.
The photographic part shows everyday objects, shown as if we perceive without noticing them.

d_u_velikova_01 d_u_velikova_04d_u_velikova_05d_u_velikova_03velikova-spatne-polozena-otazka-01velikova-spatne-polozena-otazka-02